Vedantic teachings for Europeans

Open for anyone who has sincere interest in Vedantic teachings of self-knowledge!

What do Yoga, Karma and Dharma really mean?
How do the Vedas, Vedanta and self-knowledge relate to each other?


What is my true nature?
How can I align myself with my true self?
How can I find inner peace and equanimity?


Why is the world the way it is?
How can I find new answers to the world around me?
What is my real role in this world?
How do I find the strength and confidence to act in harmony with this world?


The oldest, still living spiritual tradition is the ancient Indian teaching of self-knowledge – Vedanta. And also people outside of India have always been fascinated by the approaches of these important philosophical writings. In Europe in particular, there is and has always been a great deal of interest in this – especially in times when many people are moved by the above questions. At the same time, there are many misunderstandings, especially with the terms “karma” and “dharma” that are used quite often these days.


Ammaji will therefore expand her offer, both online and offline, for interested people in Europe in the upcoming year, in order to bring clarity to these fundamentals of the yoga philosophy. In March 2022 as a start of series, there will be a live session with the opportunity to come together and get a feeling for the sacred Vedantic teachings – online & free of charge. We can discover what these ancient scriptures have to offer us in our search for answers to the urging questions of human existence. And also with what a wonderful liveliness and clarity Ammaji can make this wisdom accessible to us.


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Current online teachings with Ammaji

1) Power of Prayers, every Sat/Sun 12-13 p.m. (IST) => 8.30-9.30 h (CEST)
2) Sanskrit classes
3) Bhagavad Gita classes
(=> each of them with the according informations + registration-link)

"Wenn wir wahren Frieden in der Welt erlangen wollen, müssen wir bei den Kindern anfangen."

(Mahatma Gandhi)


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